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Does the frequency of changing jobs hurt your career?

Staying with one company for a long time can be as harmful to your career prospects as changing jobs too frequently. An article published in The Telegraph explores how the frequency of changing jobs affects your career.

When potential employers look at your CV, they form some of their first impressions by looking at how long you stayed at the different jobs throughout your career. Gone are the days were staying with a company for many years signalled positive feelings of loyalty with prospective employers. Nowadays, a long stint at one Company may give the signal that you lack ambition. It is obviously a different case if during the years you would have occupied different roles within the company, progressing from one role to the next. This is especially true if the company you work for is a believer in career development and gives constant training to its employees. It is therefore important that if you have worked for many years at the same company in different roles, you list these separately on your CV, showing how you progressed throughout the years.

Furthermore, the average length of staying at the same job can vary in different industries. So, while if you work in law, staying at the same job for eight years might be considered normal, in the technology industry this might be considered a lifetime.

On the other hand, changing jobs very frequently will give alarming signals to potential employers. This is even worse when these frequent job changes happen after a long period at the same company as it signals that you are finding it hard to make the transition to the next company.

According to studies carried out in the U.S. the average time spent at a single company is 4.6 years. What would you say the average in Malta would be? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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