career prospects in Malta

Improve your career prospects in Malta

How to improve your career prospects in Malta and fund your study costs

Learning new skills is an excellent way of landing a new job, improving the chances of getting promoted or even getting the chance to change career paths. Obtaining a new qualification is one of the best ways to do this. Obtaining qualifications and certifications required by the industry you work in or one that you would like to enter will definitely improve your employability in the relevant sector. Unfortunately many people feel that once that they finish school and start working it is too late to obtain further qualifications.

Although there are various reasons why people tend to shy away from embarking on a part-time course that can open up new career options and broaden their experience, one reason is the costs associated with the various courses available. Fortunately, in Malta, we have a scheme that will help in recouping up to 70% of the eligible costs. This scheme is administered by Malta Enterprise.

The objective of the scheme is to support individuals in achieving qualifications that improve their skill sets required in particular industries. There are various courses that are eligible for this scheme (currently 366) and range from diploma courses up to doctorate degrees. Eligible courses also include other technically oriented course such as Graphic and Web Design.

The scheme operates, by allowing students to apply for a refund of the costs payable for such courses, which costs are reimbursed as tax credits. This means that students may claim the costs related to the achievement of the qualifications from their tax bill. For more information about the scheme visit the Get Qualified page on the Malta Enterprise Website.

Furthermore, most local banks offer loans that may be used to finance the full cost of the course, therefore making it easier to pay for the tuition costs for the duration of the course.

Life-long learning is an important aspect of personal development and improving your career prospects. It is never too late to return to study and if you are motivated you will succeed in whatever you embark. Taking advantage of such schemes to finance your future is definitely worth considering.

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