Job description:

Record details of repairs made and parts used.
Maintain repair water pumps.
Reassemble machines and equipment following repair, testing operation and making adjustments as necessary.
Test mechanical equipment to ensure proper functioning.
Reassemble equipment after repair.
Adjust equipment to ensure optimal performance.
Maintain, repair, and overhaul farm machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems.
Repair defective engines or engine components.
Service vehicles to maintain functionality.
Clean and lubricate parts.
Clean equipment, parts, or tools to repair or maintain them in good working order.
Lubricate equipment to allow proper functioning.
Examine and listen to equipment, read inspection reports, and confer with customers to locate and diagnose malfunctions.
Read work orders or descriptions of problems to determine repairs or modifications needed. Inspect mechanical equipment to locate damage, defects, or wear.
Confer with customers or users to assess problems.
Gross Salary EUR850 per month
Application Closing Date 28th April 2019
Successful candidates must have at least two to three years working experiences in greenhouse project or similar establishment.

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