Binary.com is seeking a driven, proactive, and experienced Perl Developer. You will write robust, high-quality, and production-ready code that powers our websites, applications, and back-office systems. Your work will directly influence the core architecture that drives our high-traffic binary options trading website.


Our company

Binary.com is the award-winning leader in online binary options trading. Our platform allows customers to trade currencies, stocks, and commodities.


Founded in 1999, we are one of the oldest and most respected names in our industry. Today, we have over one million registered accounts around the world, and trade over USD 1 billion in options transactions per year.


Our business is growing strong. Over the last five years, we have grown more than 20-fold. We expect to grow even further in the coming years.


Our culture

Binary.com is one of the IT world’s most vibrant and progressive workplaces. We blend the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup, with the profitability and stability of a long-running business.


Our company is built on a culture that fosters teamwork, individuality, and creativity.


We care deeply about cultural and gender diversity. We go to great lengths to foster a supportive, caring environment within a flat organisational structure.


We value staff with a sense of fun and adventure, who are optimistic, and customer focused. Above all, you must agree with our strong emphasis on business integrity.


Your skills and motivations

You should be passionate about what Binary.com stands for, and what we do.


You have exceptional Perl programming skills, and extensive experience with relational databases.


You love developing websites and applications, and you enjoy working with databases, servers, and APIs.


You are smart, self-motivated, and proactive. You thrive in a dynamic work environment, and approach even the smallest task with an open mind.


Most importantly, you value the importance of constant, open, and honest communication.


We are looking for someone who loves to:

●      Test and fix things, especially when it involves working with data.

●      Optimise web applications and infrastructure for maximum speed and scalability.

●      Do great work, and inspires people around them to do the same.

●      Work with highly talented people in an exciting, multinational environment.

●      Get things done in a no-nonsense manner.

●      Work without bureaucracy and hierarchy.

●      Have the latest tools and technologies at their disposal.

●      Learn and improve, day in and day out.


To excel in this role, you must have:

●      Deep Perl expertise.

●      Expertise in Linux system administration.

●      Experience with relational database design, and/or open-source RDBMS systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

●      Familiarity with Perl DBI, Moose, PSGI/Plack, NGINX, JavaScript, Redis, and Git.

●      Ability to produce high-quality, self-documenting code by using test-driven development (TDD) techniques.

●      Event-driven programming in Perl

●      Passion for Linux, and other open-source platforms.


Your role

Binary.com’s IT team is responsible for the design, development, and operation of our high-traffic networks. As our Perl Developer, you will be taking on the challenge of writing robust, high-quality, and production-ready code. Your work will greatly contribute to the architecture that drives our high-traffic binary options trading website.


You will:

●      Develop and maintain world-class web applications.

●      Build, maintain, and optimise the technology that powers our servers, applications, databases, and back-office systems.

●      Work closely with other teams to come up with effective architecture to support the deployment of new products and features.

●      Troubleshoot and debug problems in existing applications, and find new ways to improve their speed, functionality, and scalability.

●      Participate in all aspects of the product lifecycle.


Remuneration and benefits

This position includes a market-based salary, annual performance bonus, and health benefits. You will also receive travel and Internet allowances.


You will enjoy a casual dress code and flexi hours. You also have the freedom to select your preferred tools and systems.


We will also assist you with your work permit or EU Blue Card, and relocation for your family.

About Binary Investments (Europe) Ltd

Binary Ltd is the recognized leader in the fixed-odds financial betting industry. The company's award winning website, Binary.com, offers its clients a broad range of fixed-odds bets on international stock indices, foreign exchange rates, equities, and commodities, ranging in duration from minutes up to one year in duration. Our company is unique in its ability to offer investors, speculators, traders, and gamblers the ability to price and purchase customized market risk.

Binary Ltd was incorporated in 1999 and the Maltese subsidiary started operating in 2001. We have offices in Malta and in Malaysia with a total headcount of 45 around the world.