Job Title : Blacksmith Worker

Job duties including:
Forges and repairs variety of metal articles, like tongs, edged tools, hooks, chains, machine structural components, and agricultural implements as specified by work orders, diagrams, or sample parts.
Heats metal stock in blacksmiths forge or furnace.
Hammers stock into specified size & shape on blacksmiths anvil or positions stock on anvil of power hammer and depresses pedal to hammer stock with varying force rapidity.
Forge-welds metal parts by heating hammering them together.
Devises jigs fixtures, forges special hand tools, like hammers or chisels, and sets up form blocks.
Tempers or anneals forged articles.

 Skills and qualifications required of Blacksmiths include:
Blacksmiths must master safe and effective forge operation experience of 3 years must.
Good spatial skills are essential when reading blueprints to create products.
Must be skilled in working with manual tools such as a hammer, anvil and power tools such as drills, hydraulic presses and air chisels.
Must have stamina and endurance
Technical aptitude
Must be physically fit.
Salary gross EUR 800.00 per month

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