• Cooking with the Wok, Mise en Place, menu production.
  • Prepares, seasons, and cooks/stir fry’s in woks all soups, meats, vegetables, fish, poultry, and other food items for consumption.
  • Cooks, prepares, and arranges the food to make an appealing arrangement for guests.
  • Ensures that guests have a favorable dining experience.



  • Duties include cooking specialty foods under constant pressure to prepare meals quickly while ensuring quality is maintained and safety and sanitation guidelines are observed.
  • Wash, cut, measure, prepare foods for cooking.
  • Maintain production and usage records as required.
  • Maintain high sanitary, hygienic, and safety standards and conditions.
  • Direct work assignments of support staff in cooks’ area.
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service at all times while working in a fast-paced team environment.
  • General cleaning, stocking and other food service duties as requested by the management.



  • Minimum 3 years experience in Wok (induction) cooking Asian Wok dishes.
  • Knowledge of Pan Asian Cuisine : Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai.
  • Knowledge of Dim sum is a plus but not necessary.
  • At least English A2 level spoken and written.
  • Experience in fast paced environment, busy restaurants, casual dining, catering /take away restaurants.
  • Genuine passion for Asian cuisine.
  • Manages control and use of induction woks and other common Asian cooking implements.
  • Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in professional knife-handling skills with ability to cut/trim meat and fish.
  • Experience in following and extending recipes.
  • Experience at organising and maintaining kitchen work stations.
  • Experience in maintaining production and usage records.
  • Experience in safe food handling.
  • Proven experience in Asian countries for not less than 3 years as per previous Certificates of Employment is a MUST.


  • You must hold a valid European Passport , permanent residence in EU country or married to EU citizen to apply !

Other benefits:

  • Excellent possibilities for quick progression within the company due to company expansion and new restaurant openings. Salary review by the end of the year.

Please send your CV + photo material from your work, at least two references from previous employers covering a period of time of not less than 3 years.


Early 2007, Marina Restaurants Ltd assumed the challenge of managing the stunning collection of bars and restaurants in the Portomaso marina area.

Nine years later the ‘’Mission’’ goes on.

Marina Restaurants offers the established, Sale e Pepe Tradizione Italiana, Marina Terrace Pizzeria & Brasserie, Zen Japanese Sushi Bar & Teppanyaki, Caffe’ Portomaso, Zen Sushi to Go Skyparks, Zen Sushi to Go Pama. There is obviously more though at Portomaso.

The Marina at Portomaso is the kind of place where you can simply decide where to eat as you are parking in the huge under­ground car park. You can have a pre-dinner drink in one place, eat in one of the restau­rants, have an after-dinner drink or coffee in another and then go for a nice walk along the marina.

Alex Ellul can boast over 30 years of ‘severe sweat’ in the cater­ing industry.

Managing director of Ma­rina Restaurants Ltd he is passionate about the revitalisation challenge he has taken on, but the road is long to say the least.

Welcome to Portomaso Marina…