We are looking for a Prosthetist/Orthotist who work with patients to regain their mobility by fitting them with artificial limbs (prostheses) and orthopedic orthoses, aids and support. 

New employee works in designing, making, fitting, modifying, repairing and maintaining devices that make an immeasurable impact on an individual’s quality of life.

Responsibilities/Job Description

– Evaluates patients in regard to fit, alignment, function and patient acceptanc: adjust final product as needed; conduct measuring, molding, or tracing as needed following completion of clinical evaluation and refinement of prescription criteria.

– Consults with physicians and allied health professionals to formulate and/or modify prescription criteria, prior to or following, clinical evaluation of the patient.

– Educates patient and their families regarding their pathology, plan of treatment, potential outcomes, the cost, and department billing procedures.

– Maintains current, accurate patient documentation.

– Quality assurance and improvement: consults with technical and professional staff to define, develop, and implement the best possible components, materials and fabrication processes.

– Provides general and direct supervision and instructions to the fabrication staff.


Essential Requirements

Bachelor Degree in Orthotics/Prosthetics or related equivalent from an accredited university/college (Essential).

3+ years working in either hospital or clinic setting



Four shops in Italy, a huge Centre in Malta and qualified and skilled staff are the key features of the The Orthopaedic Supply store in Malta owned by Emanuele Aliotta, which is a reference point for the whole region of Sicily.

Orthopedic Centre Malta, was born in 2017 by Emanuele Aliotta after earning a bachelor’s degree with honors in Orthopedic Techniques.

For over eight year Orthopedic Centre Malta follow with commitment and passion our mission: a sensible and human approach for postural problems resolution. Our main goal is develop a modern orthopedic conception through continuous investments in research and training.