Job Title: Plasterer
Duties & Responsibilities:

Understand which materials are best for both new construction and historic buildings and obtain them beforehand.
Prepare walls and ceilings for stucco and cement by cleaning, taping and fixing any holes or cracks
Create a mortar mix that is perfect for the particular application, modify it when necessary and ensure the new plaster matches the consistency and texture of the existing plaster
Coat walls with plaster and go over the undercoat to make sure the final coat is flawless and requires few touchups
Design the desired texture and create ornamental plaster, recreating original designs when necessary

Skills and Qualifications:
Successful candidate should have two- three years working experiences as a Plasterer or similar establishment. Proven working experience as Plasterer, Ability to work under busy pressure. Good customer Services skill Communication, Organisational Skills, Team Mentality, Leadership Skills Integrity.
Gross Salary EUR 800 per month.

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