Duties and responsibilities :

• Dust & clean floors, carpets, furniture and objects. Ventilate rooms
• Dust, sort out waste and empty dustbins
• Maintain and store cleaning materials. Check stock of products
• Clean floors and furniture
• Clean toilets and kitchens. Fill towel and soap dispenser
• Prepare cleaning agents and equipment. Mark out slippery areas
• Dispose of waste (domestic, industrial). Put dustbins and waste containers outside for      collection
• Clean surfaces with: automatic cleaning machine (scrubber drier)
• Clean surfaces with: carpet cleaner, carpet cleaning machine
• Clean glass surfaces on ground floor (windows, walls, mirrors…)
• Clean and maintain private outdoor areas (green zones, courtyards…)
• Clean: removal of stains from fitted carpets
• Clean: clean windows

Successful candidates must have at least two to three years working experiences as cleanning worker in hotel.
Gross Salary EUR 760 to 800 per month.
Closing date 27th April 2019

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Sunsites Ltd: G3 Group