Malta best country to work

Malta best country to work in

Malta has been rated as best country to work in by expatriates

Malta has been rated as the best country to work in by expatriates, followed by Norway, Luxembourg and Germany. This is based on a survey carried out by InterNations, wherein expats in 64 countries worldwide, where surveyed, to uncover “Where Expats Love to Work Abroad in 2015”.

Being the first time included in the survey, Malta jumped straight to the top of the list for the overall rank of the “Working Abroad” index. The index was composed of three sub-categories, namely, “Job and Career”, “Work-Life Balance” and Job Security. Malta placed 1st for Job and Career, 3rd for Work-Life Balance and 10th for Job Security.

Most respondents stated that they have high job satisfactions and are satisfied with their career prospects in Malta. Similar replies were given with regards to Work-Life balance wherein most respondents were mostly satisfied with their work-life balance stating that they are generally happy with their working hours.

On the other hand, Malta did not rank so well in the Job Security category. This was mostly due to the respondents’ perception of the state of Malta’s economy.

The most popular jobs for expats include IT and the gaming sector, followed by the hospitality and tourism sector.

25% of respondents stated that the reason they had originally moved to Malta was to have a better quality of life. Not surprisingly a majority of respondents stated that the weather and climate was a contributing factor motivating them to move to Malta.

Working Abroad Index 2015

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