not getting job interviews

Reasons for not getting job interviews

Not getting job interviews?

Are you applying for various job vacancies but rarely being called in for an interview? It is quite frustrating applying for endless job opportunities but not getting job interviews. It is therefore important that you take the time to understand the reasons this might be happening, so that you may take corrective actions to start getting job interviews.

Have a look at some of the possible reasons below and reflect if any of these are hindering your chances of securing an interview:

Not spending enough time reading the job requirements

Research shows that job seekers spend an average of 49.7 seconds before deciding that a job is not a good fit while they spend only 76.7 seconds reading a job posting which they think matches their abilities. During this short time frame, candidates were only able to correctly identify jobs that fit their skills set at an accuracy rate of 38%. Most of the time spent reading job listings is focused on job title and information about the company, with very little time being spent on reading the job requirements.

If you fall into this trap, this might have one of two consequences. You may end up applying for jobs that you are not really qualified for, ending up giving a bad impression to the employer. On the other hand you may be qualified for the position, but, since you did not take the time to understand the requirements of the job, you did not customize your CV to focus on these most important requirements (have a look at this article on how to write the perfect CV).

Poor CV and/or cover letter

A poorly written or structured CV is one of the main reasons job seekers are eliminated from the recruitment process. It is important that your CV is written in a clear, concise and professional manner, is grammatically correct and contains NO spelling mistakes. You may wish to read the article above for more tips on writing a perfect CV. A poorly written covering letter could be a reason why your CV is being ‘binned’. The covering letter should motivate the employer to read your CV. It should therefore be a concise statement of why you are applying for then vacancy, highlighting your suitability for the job. So, while a cover letter should be short and to the point, something like “Attached please find my CV for the position of Accounts Clerk” is definitely not the way to go.

Using an unprofessional email address

While this may come as a surprise to many candidates, having an unprofessional, ‘cheesy’ email address will immediately give the wrong impression. There are many ways that email can derail your job chances. As an example, sending job applications through an email address such as “” will definitely not give a good first impression.

Not using the necessary technical jargon

After properly reading the job requirements, make sure that you use the terms (jargon) used to describe these requirements in your CV, and if relevant in your covering letter. If it is a technical post, using the right jargon in an appropriate manner shows the employer that you are knowledgeable in the area relevant to the job vacancy that you are applying for.

If you are not getting job interviews you should go through the above points and make sure you are not doing any of the mistakes mentioned.

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